Pan African Magazine

African Ambassadors is a youth owned social Pan-African platform with the aim of exposing African narrative. The platform hopes to unite the African and diaspora youth on cause, experience and identity. Our platform uses a combination of academic writing, critical thought, African affairs and disciplines from different academic fields along with interests in creative arts, economics and culture. We promote and hope to strengthen the African+ diasporas youth’s voice and social responsibility, using social media and various grassroots initiative. We aim to enforce a strong social movement and humanitarian identity, whereby every youth can easily contribute, support and represent a charity or projects/ initiatives across Africa + diaspora.

The African continent is more than just fifty-four independent states, its history stretches across the Atlantic and further. African descendants such as African Americans and Afro Caribbeans share similarities in struggle and identity. Pan-Africanism is beyond race, region, culture or religion. African Ambassadors values lie in the sharing and exchanging of knowledge with the hope of enlightening the world. The platform hopes to give agency to the African + diaspora youth.

We encourage our youth to express themselves and contribute to the organisation via collaboration. Anyone of African descent may collaborate with African Ambassadors by submitting content that is original. Young activists, intellectuals or artists may use our platform to bring awareness or to start a discussion. Our platform hopes to show true representation of modern Afro initiatives and embrace everything African.