Solange’s album A seat at the Table is a proud American story of love and alienation. Langston and Solange both use the pronoun ‘they’ when referring to America: their oppressors.

“They don’t understand
What it means to me
Where we chose to go
Where we’ve been to know”


Solange’s song ‘Don’t touch my hair’ celebrates and appreciates blackness. She praises her differences but doesn’t alienate herself, instead she forces herself to be accepted. Unlike Langston’s poem, Solange has used the pronoun ‘we’ which is plural.The song redefines America, turns the table, and naturalises her hair as American. Understanding the importance of Afro hair in the song, is somewhat an understanding  of America history and identity. Langston and Solange aim to enlighten the ignorant. They both excuse the ignorant for not being able to acknowledge black beauty. Solange and Langston pride themselves in being different but equally American. Both creatives use the message of self love to combat racial injustices.